March 20, 2020

Measures taken by Sollio Agriculture to protect the health of its employees, partners and customers

Last update: March 20, 2020 4:03pm

Continuity of Sollio Agriculture's operations in the context of COVID-19

Sollio Agriculture is closely monitoring the evolution of COVID-19 cases around the world and evaluating the impacts that the situation could have on our employees and operations. Given the exceptional circumstances we are currently experiencing, we are developing a detailed contingency plan to ensure the continuity of our operations in the event of a direct impact of COVID-19 on our workforce. 

We are in contact with our various networks in order to meet their needs. Indeed, it is important to protect our farmers, as well as our employees, because agriculture is essential and we must not represent a possible source of contagion for our clients and members.

Impact on our operations
At this time, there is no direct impact on our operations and value chain. Ships are able to unload their cargo at marine terminals. Trucks are still delivering fertilizer and seeds needed for crop production. As for animal production, we will ensure an essential supply of foodstuffs (soybean meal, amino acids, etc.). 

Measures recommended in our networks
Visits to farms are restricted to a maximum except in certain specific cases, such as emergencies or a great necessity for the operation of the farm. 

In order to minimize risks, certain preventive measures are also implemented given the nature of our business relationships and operations.

  • Prohibition of air travel for business purposes;
  • 14-day isolation for employees coming from a foreign country;
  • Limiting travel and density of people at our sites and facilities, encouraging employees who have the option of teleworking to consider this option in the coming weeks.

Sollio Agriculture encourages its employees and partners to follow the advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Developments in the situation
Our Coordinating Committee monitors the situation from hour to hour and assesses the actions taken by the organization and the need, if any, to add to them, based on announcements made by governments. 

Sollio Agriculture also participates in the coordinating committee of Sollio Groupe Coopératif, which oversees the business divisions (Sollio Agriculture, Olymel and BMR) and makes recommendations to the Québec cooperative network.