August 26, 2020

Standard Nutrition Canada becomes Sollio Agriculture

A shared identity strengthens our ability to ensure prosperity for farming families

Winnipeg, Manitoba, August 26, 2020Sollio Agriculture is pleased to announce that Standard Nutrition Canada is officially becoming Sollio Agriculture. This change will create a strong identity that reflects the realities of farmers and allows us to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. It also marks the final step in Sollio Agriculture’s acquisition of Standard Nutrition Canada announced in April 2018.

Standard Nutrition Canada has its administrative office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and offers animal nutrition products and services. Its market is primarily made up of livestock producers in Western Canada. Its operations include:

“Our brand promise, farming common sense, is a testament to our identity,” says Jason McNaughton, General Manager, Livestock Production, Western Canada, Sollio Agriculture. “Our agri-advisors, veterinarian and customer support teams excel because we are in the field with farmers. Our proximity and flexibility set us apart from bigger companies. We can find a solution to anything, while supporting the community.”

“The Sollio Agriculture brand is a response to the challenges met by farmers operating in a highly demanding business environment,” says Sébastien Léveillé, CEO, Sollio Agriculture. “Our organization wants to create a strong voice and a sense of belonging for all our employees, customers and suppliers across Canada.

Present in over 295 towns and cities in Canada, Sollio Agriculture ensures a proximity with farmers. A leader in the Canadian economy, the organization is active in 29 countries.


About Sollio Agriculture

Sollio Agriculture, the Agri-business Division of Sollio Cooperative Group, is a Canadian leader in the agriculture industry. It specializes in the merchandising of farm inputs and value-added agronomic services and benefits from a synergy between three sectors: Livestock Production, Crop Production and Grain. Present in almost every part of Canada, it has more than 1,100 employees and made $2.577 billion in sales in 2019, in Canada and abroad. For more information about Sollio Agriculture, visit



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