October 1, 2020

AgConnexion by Sollio Agriculture is now AG DATA TRANSPARENT certified

The past few months have seen several major accomplishments in the integrated digital platform AgConnexion, including our obtaining Ag Data Transparent certification.*

  • This certification confirms the transparency of our data management in AgConnexion, which has been a priority for us from the beginning. Using clear, simple language, we make sure that farmers are aware of all the ways in which we process and use their data, from collection to analysis and results. The entire data management process operates on the principle that farmers are the owners of their data.

About the certification

Ag Data Transparent certification is a seal of approval in terms of confidentiality and security for farm data. It was created in 2014 by the American Farm Bureau Federation in response to the needs and concerns of farmers regarding the use of their data by their partner companies.

Certified companies who collect, store, analyze and use farmers’ data agree to abide by a specific set of directives. For AgConnexion, that means:

  1. Clarity: Contracts are written using language that is easy to understand.
  2. Ownership: Farmers are recognized as the owners of the data generated on their farms.
  1. Collection, access and control: Farm data is not collected, accessed or used without the farmer’s consent.
  2. Notice: Farmers are notified when their data is collected and clearly informed on how the data will be used. This notification must happen in advance and the farmers’ authorization is required before sharing their data with a third party.
  1. Transparency and consistency: Farmers are told why their data is being collected and used. Farmers can contact us easily with any requests or complaints.
  2. Choice: We give farmers the option to accept, decline or deactivate functions and services and explain the consequences of their choices.
  1. Portability: We allow famers to download their data to save or use on other systems, with the exception of data that has been made anonymous or aggregated and is no longer specifically identifiable.
  1. Terms and definitions: Terms, conditions and agreements are written in simple language.
  1. Disclosure, use and sale limitation: We do not sell and/or disclose data to any third party without the prior agreement of the farmer.
  1. Data retention and availability: We provide for the secure destruction of data after a certain period of time or ensure that farmers can obtain their original data.
  2. Contract termination: Farmers are authorized to halt the collection of data at any time.
  3. Unlawful or anti-competitive activities: We do not use data for illicit or anti-competitive activities, for example, market speculation.
  4. Liability and security safeguards: We have reasonable security measures in place against any loss or breach of data.


To obtain this certification, we had to answer a series of questions about farm data security. Our answers were examined by an independent administrator, who awarded us the Ag Data Transparent seal of approval.

See the complete certification questions and our answers.

AgConnexion is working in the best interests of farmers and the retail networks that support them. This certification represents another step forward for the use of responsible, effective and secure agricultural technology.


About AgConnexion

While new technologies can’t control Mother Nature, they can certainly make things easier for farmers by reducing her impact. That’s why Sollio Agriculture have launched this integrated digital platform. It makes life simpler for you by bringing together all our farm management tools in one place.

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*The certification is valid for the AgConnexion platform only, excluding the organization and retail networks.