Ensuring prosperity for local farmers

The world seems to be moving at an ever-increasing pace. It’s almost as though the planet has forgotten that it was shaped by the rhythm of the seasons. But as they say, there’s no stopping progress. That’s why at Sollio Agriculture, we believe that we should look to the future, while at the same time relying on our common sense. We’ve come together to create a modern organization at the vanguard of agricultural expertise and technology. We are a group created by and for farmers, one designed to ensure the prosperity of both their families and their communities.

Three sectors that cultivate our ambitions

  • Comprised of specific services along the agri-food chain, the livestock production sector offers renowned expertise in the poultry, pork, dairy, beef, and equine sectors, as well as in specialized production, such as sheep, goat, organic animal, and veal production.

  • The crop production sector is the largest supplier of quality seeds, phytosanitary products (with over 1,000 products to offer), and fertilizers that meet the specific needs of farmers in Québec and eastern Ontario.

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  • The Grain Sector's purpose is to provide farmers with the best conditions to market their yields and to ensure effective procurement for the animal feed, industrial, and export markets. The Agri-business division of Sollio Cooperative Group is the grain marketing leader in Québec with more than 4 million metric tonnes transited each year.

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Putting the strength of Canada’s largest agricultural network within the reach of every producer.

We are Sollio Agriculture. We support farmers in the country to help them maximize their performance while always remembering that they only have 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.

We bring together passionate people devoted to helping each other and evolving together. These are men and women who are not afraid to work hard and get their hands dirty every day. For them, agriculture is a question of family, community, and what we put on our dinner tables.

We provide farmers, co-operatives and partners with practical tools to help them work in a more straightforward and efficient manner. A good example of this is AgConnexion digital solutions, which now helps more than thousands of farms to automate their operations and make better decisions.

To sum up, we’re both close by, and everywhere you need us to be. Our advisors are your advisors; the people who have always been by your side and who know every acre of your region.

Western Canada



Atlantic Canada





establishments and retailers since 1980 1931 1922 1927

From east to west, we’re always nearby

With 355 retailers and facilities across Canada, we are there, in the field, wherever and whenever you need us.

  • 265 retailers
  • 18 millers
  • 12 elevators
  • 24 terminals and distribution centers
  • 23 poultry farms and hatcheries
  • 10 administrative offices
  • 3 research farms

We don’t need to be flamboyant.


We are borrowing land from the next generations, and we need to act with as much care and affection as possible.


We are all about being concrete, authentic and real — that’s just how it is.


We achieve our goals because we act skillfully.

Press releases

September 20, 2021

No loafing around!

Here at Sollio Agriculture’s research farm, we leave nothing to chance. It takes several years of research and field work all over the country to get a product to your field. Our team will even hand make certain varieties and use them to bake bread. It’s that kind of attention to detail and innovative spirit that ultimately helps farmers improve their yields.

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July 5, 2021

Folium³ fertilizers: Benefits all down the line

When it comes to fertilizing your crops, you don’t have to compromise. Folium³ high-end foliar fertilizers contain everything you need to optimize your plants’ growth all season long. Interview with account manager Christine Bourbonnais

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Media Relations

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Senior Communications Director
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6 degrés sous l'horizon

6 Degrees Below the Horizon

When the sun rises to six degrees below the horizon, the sky becomes bright enough for human activity without artificial light. It’s also a time when agricultural workers have already started their day. Discover the first agricultural podcast that sheds light on the work of our agri-advisors.

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