Colostrum Sollio Agricutlure: optimal growth and health of beef calves
February 25, 2022

Colostrum Sollio Agricutlure: optimal growth and health of beef calves

Colostrum intake has a significant positive impact on the growth and health of beef calves during their first months of life. These effects will persist into adulthood. Still, we have to make sure that the calf consumes enough. This is where the Sollio Agriculture colostrum substitute comes into play. An overview with agronomist and beef production agri-advisor, Elizabeth Lepage.

Question: Why offer a colostrum substitute to beef calves?

Answer: When properly fed at the end of gestation, the cow should produce enough colostrum for her calf. The problem is that it is not always possible to evaluate the exact amount that the calf consumed. By feeding a package of reconstituted colostrum, we ensure that it ingests a first meal.

Question: Should all calves receive a colostrum substitute?

30 to 40% of calves do not reach an acceptable level of passive immunity if no human intervention is done. Therefore, many calves should systematically receive a bag of colostrum for preventive reasons, in particular:

• Twins

• Calves from a heifer

• Calves from a difficult calving

• Calves from a cow with a poor udder

• Calves born outside, in the cold or in a humid environment

• Weak calves

Question: When should we feed a colostrum package?

Answer: It is necessary to administer a first package as soon as possible after birth, ideally before two hours of life. Afterwards, make sure maternal colostrum is available and consumed by the calf. If maternal colostrum must be completely replaced by reconstituted colostrum, at least one extra package must be fed within 8 hours.

Question: How does Sollio Agriculture colostrum stand out?

Answer: Its 415g format contains 75g of IgG (18%) and 90g of fat (22%). This is the product that provides the most energy per package. These elements are most important in cow-calf production. According to studies, Sollio Agriculture colostrum significantly increases the percentage of calves that will achieve an acceptable level of passive immunity transfer compared to other products.

Question: How to offer colostrum most easily to the calf?

Answer: Once reconstituted as recommended, colostrum can be ingested voluntarily using a nipple bottle . Voluntary ingestion allows the colostrum to go directly into the abomasum. When the calf is less inclined to suckle naturally, the use of a rehydrator (such as the Trusti Tuber) ensures rapid and complete ingestion of the package of colostrum powder which has been reconstituted with water.