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July 5, 2021

Folium³ fertilizers: Benefits all down the line

When it comes to fertilizing your crops, you don’t have to compromise. Folium³ high-end foliar fertilizers contain everything you need to optimize your plants’ growth all season long. 

Interview with account manager Christine Bourbonnais

Q: What are Folium³ fertilizers?
R: Folium³ is a range of high-end foliar fertilizers. These products aren’t magic; they’re just highly effective. 

Q: Why should farmers use these products?
R: Folium³ products are designed to invigorate and energize plants all season long. They contain everything plants need for optimal growth.

Q: Why are Folium³ fertilizers so effective?
R: Folium³ products contain unique, high-performance additives: a chelating agent, biostimulants and an adjuvant.

Chelating agents are used in most commercially available fertilizers to help the product penetrate plants’ leaves. Folium³ products use a unique chelating agent in the form of an amino acid, a small molecule derived from plants that is absorbed more easily and quickly by the leaves. It also ensures that the plants get enough amino acids during periods of stress, when absorption is more difficult through the roots.

Biostimulants are additives found in no other liquid fertilizer on the market. Folium³ fertilizers use seaweed extract biostimulants, which promote photosynthesis and increase plants’ resistance to stress.

Adjuvants can be used to stop fertilizers from sliding around while on the leaf. The ones used in Folium³ products were specially designed for this line of fertilizers.

Q: What makes these “high-end” fertilizers?
R: Folium³ products are made with food-grade ingredients and 100% pure.

Q: What is another good reason to use Folium³?
R: It’s developed and made in Quebec!  


For more information, contact your agri-advisor.