May 1, 2023

The organic herbicide everyone wants

Highly effective in weed management, BioLink® Herbicide EC is garnering rave reviews from both organic and conventional farmers. This powerful, fast-acting tool attacks weeds and can be rotated to avoid resistance to herbicides.

“The fact that conventional producers are this taken with an organic herbicide says a lot about the product’s effectiveness,” pointed out expert Alana Bent. “It’s very effective.”

Approved in Canada by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency since 2020 for both organic and conventional use, BioLink is a non-selective, post-emergent, foliar herbicide. “It consists of naturally occurring fatty acids that disrupt the plant’s waxy cuticle and cell walls. This causes weeds to dehydrate and die,” explained the agricultural science graduate. Given that the product is not volatile, there is no risk of vapour drift damaging non-target plantings.

“Even though BioLink has only been available in Canada since 2020, it was quick to make its mark,” laughed Ms. Bent. “Our first applications were for a local blueberry farmer. This was all new for us too. A few days later, I received a call from my client: “You’ve got to come and see this right away!” he said. The Nova Scotia berry producer could not believe his eyes. “There was absolutely no mistaking what the product had touched and what it had not touched,” emphasized Ms. Bent.

Cost-effective for everyone

For Ms. Bent’s clients, BioLink is well worth the investment. “Farmers tell me that it is a terrific complement to mechanical tools in organic farming and to the other herbicides in conventional farming,” she reports. “It is tremendously helpful in complex management of weeds, and it limits the competition for the plants.”  Ms. Bent added that this type of product is a blessing given the current labour shortage, particularly because it is easy to apply, requiring only one pass.

Safe for the environment

Ms. Bent indicated how enthusiastic she was about this ecological herbicide’s arrival in the Canadian market. “We have no choice. We have to develop products that are both effective and sustainable,” she stressed.

The use of BioLink aligns perfectly with the sustainable development strategy of Sollio Agriculture.

Not only is the herbicide ultra effective, but it is also safe for pollinators, wildlife and beneficial insects. Hardly surprising that everyone wants it!


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