Nos aliments pour chevaux évoluent
July 27, 2022

Our horse feed line has evolved

Sollio Agriculture’s line of horse products now offers improved formulas and carefully selected ingredients. Read further for useful information and answers to questions you might have about these changes.

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Question: Why was the line of horse feeds and supplements updated?

Answer: The product line update was performed to combine the following brands to create the new Sollio Agriculture horse feed line:

  • Célébrité - Québec and Ontario
  • Atlantic Horse feeds - Atlantic provinces
  • Legacy Horse feeds - Atlantic provinces

We used this opportunity to capitalize on our strengths and expertise to develop even better performing products that meet the current needs of the equine customers.

We have maintained all the nutritional benefits of our products and have taken them to the next level in keeping with the latest international research in horse nutrition.


Question: What are the major changes made to the feeds and supplements?

Answer: Every product was carefully analyzed, and each ingredient was optimized with special attention. For example, we selected the most digestible sources of fibre, starch, and ingredients that have a positive impact on intestinal flora balance.

Then, the levels of selenium were increased across the entire product range. Sollio Agriculture’s horse feeds and supplements are always formulated with 100% organically sourced selenium.

Many new products were also introduced to meet the needs and demands of equine customers.


Question: Do we need to gradually transition from the old horse feed line to the new one?

Answer: Yes, when possible. If you still have the previous feed in stock, we suggest that you gradually transition to the new line over a week or two to ensure optimal consumption of the product. Horses are creatures of habit and can detect even the most subtle changes in the taste and smell of their feed.

By mixing the products together for one or two weeks, you will help your horses feel secure, making the transition easier. However, if you no longer have any of the bags of the previous formulas, do not worry. If this is the case, we suggest that you gradually introduce the new feed over a few days by starting with a smaller ration than usual.

For example, if your horse usually eats 1.5 kg of (old product) per day, you can start by serving it 500 g of (new product) for a few days, then 1 kg, and gradually increasing the portions until you reach the horse’s regular ration.

The transition period is different for every horse, but it should normally last between one to two weeks.


Question: Where can I buy Sollio Agriculture’s new horse feed line?

Answer: The line of horse feeds and supplements can be found through Sollio Agriculture's cooperatives network in Quebec and OntarioIt is also accessible through Coop Country Stores or retail locations in the Atlantic provinces.


Question: Where do I find more information about a product and how do I get personalized recommendations for my horses?

Answer: Please click here and we will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with any product’s fact sheet. You can also contact your Sollio Agriculture agri-advisor directly, and they will answer your questions and assist you with your needs.