Julie Amyot
May 6, 2022

Julie Amyot: When passion goes hand in hand with expertise

If poultry production is a farmer's lifeblood, Julie Amyot is that farmer's wings, taking the farmer to ever higher levels of production. She may well be proud of belonging to the largest poultry network in Canada, but it is the trust she has established with farmers in her region that drives her day after day. This is an interview with the woman who was named poultry agri-advisor of the year for 2021.

Question: Let’s start on a light note, just to break the ice. How do you like your eggs?

Answer: I like mine sunny side up! Yummy!

Question: How long have you been working for the Agiska Coopérative?

Answer: I joined the farm group in Saint-Hyacinthe in the summer of 2015.

Question: Did you work anywhere else before joining the Sollio Agriculture family? 

Answer: I have always worked in poultry. I started at 16, as a student in the production unit at Olymel in Saint-Damase. During my studies in livestock production at the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec, I worked for Groupe Gaucher. When I completed my studies, I was hired to work on quality assurance at Unidindon. 

Question: What three things motivate you the most in your work with poultry farmers?

Answer: The first thing is helping farmers achieve their goals. There is such a sense of validation when you make a difference!

In that same regard, building a relationship of trust with clients is something that really motivates me. Day in day out, I get to be with passionate farmers and to share our expertise.

I also love the challenges those farmers send my way. They have a knack for getting me out of my comfort zone … It’s so rewarding! It provides the opportunity to better understand my strengths and weaknesses and to develop my personal skills.

Question: What is the most important factor to consider if you want an effective poultry farm?

Answer: As with all things, performance depends on several factors. In this case, it’s the synergy between the feed, the quality of the birds and the breeding environment.

Question: In your opinion, why do poultry farmers choose to rely on Sollio Agriculture?

Answer: What sets us apart, among other things, is our network. We have feed production plants across the country, we have one of the largest hatcheries in Canada, and we have built solid partnerships. This means we can offer different services depending on any given farm’s needs.

Our strength also lies in the fact that we are close to farmers, because the distribution of feed and chicks goes through local cooperatives. We listen to them and react promptly when they run into problems in the field.

If you would like to find out more about our poultry expertise, contact your regional coop!